Instagram Lite APK Download For Android

Instagram lite app:

Nowadays, social media apps have a high demand. As many people like to explore the world sitting at their home. And this happens only due to social media apps. Instagram is one of the most highly used social media platform where you can watch videos, post photos, etc. Instagram just crossed the 1 billion active users benchmark last month.

Instagram Lite APK

Now, the Instagram wants to dominate other social media platforms and that’s why it has released its new app called as Instagram Lite app. As the name suggests, this app consumes very less space and its size is only 573 KB. That’s quite amazing. Because normal Instagram app consumes a 30 MB space of your mobile.

Download Instagram lite APK for android

This app is available on play store but only people from Mexico can use this app. So, those who are living in Mexico can enjoy the features of this app without any restriction. It will be accessible to the whole world in the upcoming few days. The main intention behind launching this app that the users must get a brilliant social media app that consumes a very less space works faster and smoother.

The Instagram lite apk is similar to the Instagram. You can post photos, videos as well as can go live on this app. But the only downside of this new app is that there is no option of messaging to someone. In the normal app of Instagram.

We can message to everyone and can send images, videos, emojis to your friend to your friend. But this feature of personal messaging is not available in the new app.  Again, one drawback of this app that you cannot share a particular video or image with your friend. One of the Instagram officials said, “we are testing a new version of Instagram for Android that takes up less space on your device, uses fewer data.”

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, Facebook is implementing all of its strategies to acquire the social media market and become the king of all those social media.

Following are the notable features of the Instagram lite APK:

o             This app consumes a very less space. So, it will not take much longer time to update like new Instagram app

o             You will get a simple user interface and the app works very smoothly than a normal Instagram app.

o             It can be used efficiently even you have a very slow internet connection.

Additional information about the Instagram lite app:

  • Name of the app: Instagram lite
  • Size of the app: This app is very small in size. Its size is 573 KB.
  • Version: Its version is
  • The number of downloads: This app is downloaded by only around 500 users. This app is currently in testing mode and it is not allowed in many countries.

Following are the uses of the Instagram lite APK:

  • You can post photos that you like to share with the entire world.
  • You can add more than one photos to your story.
  • Now, you can enjoy watching the stories of other people.

In 2015, Facebook launched its lite app and this app got an amazing experience from users. In just two years, this app got 200 million monthly active users. It is predicted that the same pattern and response will be seen in this new app.

Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp are really capturing global market size at a very fast speed. And to gain more speed, the Instagram lite apk is the new strategy of the Facebook to grow faster. This new app will also be going to boom international markets especially Indian and Chinese markets.

Now all the eyes on the Snapchat and let’s see whether they will launch their lite app or not?

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