Adsense Tips: How To Get Your Website Verified For Google Adsense

Adsense Tips: How To Get Your Website Verified For Google Adsense: On various online Adsense forums and social media platforms, you will come to learn about various tips and tricks related to verifying your website for Google Adsense. Some will tell you to use premium images, while others will tell you to use more than 100 articles or posts on your website.

Adsense Tips: How To Get Your Website Verified For Google Adsense

And, that too unique, useful and quality content. But, what is the truth? We will let you know the facts with proofs in this guide on How to get your website verified for Google Adsense? But, before that, as a part of the quick Adsense Tip. We are going to tell you about the Adsense Verification In WordPress Website.  Google Adsense and WordPress have always been the favourite of almost every blogger. But, implementing the Adsense verification code on the WordPress website is almost a tricky job. So today, we are going to show you how to implement the adsense verification code on your WordPress website.

Open your web browser and navigate yourself into the WordPress dashboard. If you have installed a theme there, maybe other options available. In our case, we have installed a newspaper theme. So, we are going to navigate the newspaper and then the theme panel. In the theme panel, in the sidebar, you can see header, footer and ads. Set the ads to tab in the ads tab. There’s a list of different types of Ad from the given list set to the header ad. Now, you can see a space provider and this is the space provider for pasting your Adsense Verification Code. So, open up your Adsense Account in your Adsense Account.

The sidebar, there’s a tab called my ads. Click on that my ads tab. And, navigate to the bottom, you can see other products. Click on the other products and here is where you see your ads verification code. You will have to copy this code and paste into the space provided in your dashboard. So, we have the copy and it is written that we had to paste it in the header tag of your website. So, navigate back and paste your code right here. And, save the settings.

Now, half the work is done. Navigate to the appearance tab and select the editor menu. We can edit your main code and we can paste it to your header tag from the given list of files. Select the theme header in the theme header, we can see the header tag. We had to paste the given Adsense Code. We mean, your header section. So click and paste the code now. We have to update the file scroll down and click update the file. That’s it. Your work, the dashboard is finished.

Now go back to your Google Adsense tab, in your Adsense account at the bottom of the window, we can see a small checkbox. If the checkbox asking if we have pasted the code or not. Now, tick it and simply done. That’s it. You have completed the procedure, Google usually takes three to four days for reviewing your website.

Another Method

This section primarily is if you are facing issues in approving your website or verifying your website for Google Adsense. Step 1: robot.txt. It is very important to get Google Adsense. The simplest way to get robots.txt file is a WordPress plugin. Just go to WordPress and install this simple plugin. Step 2: Google is very clever. So, do not copy content from another website. It is another reason for disapproval of Adsense. Step 3: Write a minimum of 40 articles, the articles should be minimum 300 words or more.

There is no confirmed fact that 40 articles will help you get adsense. Step 4: Submit your website on the search engine webmaster tool. And also, submit your website on the different search engine. Step 5: About, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Sitemap are super mandatory and crucial pages to have your website. In your contact us page, you should have a clear address. You can use XML sitemap for WordPress. To submit the XML sitemap. Sign up in Google Master in WordPress.

For example, this is a sitemap link. You need to submit this in Google Webmaster tool. So, let’s browse this. For example – So, this is the sitemap of our blog. You need to submit this in Google Webmaster tool and this is the example of sitemap. Let’s copy this and let’s see what happens. So, next step. Is to set up bing webmaster tools. It’s the same. To submit in webmaster tool, you need to submit a sitemap. Same process. Go ahead and open and Submit your website there.Adsense Tips: How To Get Your Website Verified For Google Adsense

Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Adsense Tips: How To Get Your Website Verified For Google Adsense, still, if you have any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Adsense Tips: How To Get Your Website Verified For Google Adsense, please make sure to let us know your questions in the comment box below.

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