Best Comment Plugins For WordPress

Best Comment Plugins For WordPress: 16 Of the best plugins to improve WordPress comments. If you are looking to build an online community, then having a great commenting system is crucial to your website’s success.Best Comment Plugins For WordPress

  1. The first one we will look at is – comments which are an all in one plugin and it allows users to upvote and downvote comments, share individual comments, you can log in with existing social accounts, embed images, tweets, and more.
  2. Yoast Comment Hacks: And, it’s a suite of tools to help you manage comments easier. It allows you to email commentators from WordPress. You can also redirect a first time commented to something like a Thank You Page.
  3. Basic Comment Quick tags: The next one is the basic comment quick tags and this adds quick tag buttons in WordPress Comment form to allow users to quickly add links, make text bold.
  4. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded: This allows commentators to be emailed when a new comment is on the article.
  5. Simple Comment Editing: Which allows a sure to edit their comment during a grace period. Say in case they misspelt something they can go in and quickly fix it.
  6. No Page Comment: And, this removes the commenting from all pages on your website.
  7. oEmbed In Comments: This allows users to embed things like videos, tweets, and more right in the comment area.
  8. Moderator Role: As your website grows, you might need to get help from community members and the moderator roles helps with that. The plugin allows you to give certain people comment moderation abilities on your websites.
  9. Tako Movable Comments: This allows you to move comments from one post to another. This comes in handy if you have updated a post and want to keep the comments of the old post on the new one.
  10. Comments Since the Last Visit: This shows the readers the latest comments since they were last on that post.
  11. Featured Comments: Which allows you to feature high-quality comments on your website.
  12. Comment Approved: Which allows the commenter to be notified when their comment was approved for your website.
  13. DX Unanswered Comments: and this lets you easily filter to unanswered comments so you can quickly comment and reply to all of them.
  14. WordPress Comments Field: This lets you add more fields to your comment form than just the name, email, website address, and comment that you have by default.
  15. Send Email Only On Reply To My Comment: Which allows the commenter to subscribe to comments and receive a notification if someone replies to their comment. The last one is the control comment length which lets you set the comment length that a commenter has to fill out the comment form.

This will be going to show you how you can add a commenting system onto your website. Now, the way we are going to show it to you is through my WordPress website. So, we will be doing it via WordPress, but you can use this commenting system called Disqus. You can use it with any website whatsoever. So even if you have a static HTML website, you can add this commenting system to your website.

Some of its features: it has Gravatar features, you can see here, which gives it a nice personal touch. Users can add text comments as well as image comments, they can share and also, importantly, they can upload and download as you see here. Now, its very simple to install. We will take you through the entire process here. First things first. Go to The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account with Disqus.

Just click the signup button there, you can log in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or you can sign up using your Email Address and password. Now, we already have an account so we will just log in. So, once you have signed up, you will enter this Dashboard over here. First, just go to the right-hand side, the top right-hand side that little cog icon, which is your settings click on that and click on Admin. You will get a prompt to add a new website. It will look something like this.

Enter your website name, choose a unique Disqus URL. So, it will be probably your blog name or your business name and select a category and finish your registration. So, we have already done ours. Ours is called “Michael’s Travel and Food.” Even after reading this in-depth guide on Best Comment Plugins For WordPress, still, if you hold any queries, just make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

So, once you sign up for a Disqus and you have added your new website to the platform, now is the time to log into your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins, click on add new, search for the plugin called Disqus, that’s the one there and install now. Then activate the plugin, Once you have. Then activate the Plugin. Once you have activated that you can scroll down and you will see that it now has a configure link, just under the plugin details.

So, click on that, it may ask you to update your database. Now, if they ask you that the best thing to do fist is to back up your website, just in case. If you have done that then go ahead and click upgrade. Next, it will ask you to insert your Disqus username and password. Now, this is the username and password that you used to sign up for an account. So, just enter that in here. On this blog, we will keep updating all articles related to Best Comment Plugins For WordPress. So, in case you need to go through other articles, we will update the details. Also Read: How To Improve Your Website Page Load Time

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