Best SEO Tools To Check/ Track Your Website Ranking In SERPs

Best SEO Tools To Check/ Track Your Website Ranking In SERPs: After doing the keyword research, you can very well understand which keywords you can and cannot target. You have gone on to your website, you optimized your keywords, you found several terms you can target in the questions in your niche that you could answer for users. And, now you need to understand how your website is performing against those keywords in terms of the ranking positions of your website. Well, this is where many SEO tools come in. But the best one around the market is SemRush.

Best SEO Tools To Check/ Track Your Website Ranking In SERPs

Apart from Semrush, the list includes many, for example –

  1. Heap
  2. Mixpanel
  3. Matomo
  4. Optimizely
  5. Chartbeat
  6. Kissmetrics
  7. Clicky
  8. Crazy Egg
  9. Google Analytics

Semrush is a website analytics tool. We guess, for PPC and SEO, that allows you to understand how websites are performing on the search results page. Now, with Semrush, there is the free account we want to use in this example because this again is all about free value. So, you can do ten keywords, you can track ten keywords in Semrush for free and you can create a free account easily.

But, we are going to walk you through how to create an account and how to get up your actual position tracking as well in SEO rush to ensure you can track the results of your SEO campaign. In this section, we are going to show you how to set up an account with Semrush which is an SEO tracking tool and it’s also a PPC tool as well. But, for the reasons of this article, we are going to set up some keyword tracking to make sure that when we are doing SEO, we know the impact of the changes we make to our web pages and we understand the direction we’re travelling in and hopefully increasing our blog’s visibility over time in SERPs.

So, the first thing we are going to do is create an account with Semrush. So, of course, we just typed Semrush into Google and we are going to head over to (official website only). Now, it’s going to ask you to login or to create an account that starts with entering your keyword. But, normally what we want to do is we will just click on the login and then we are going to click on register. So, we are going to create a new account with Semrush.

So, once you create your account, you will see this screen and we want to click on SEO because that’s what we’re interested in. And, then it says – welcome on board, you can sign upto to an overview webinar. But, for now, we are going to skip that now. What we’re interested in is rank tracking and position tracking. So, as you will see here this is the dashboard of SEMrush. And, the area we want to look at is further down on the main menu. You will see an option called position tracking under tracking.

This is the report we want to create and this is the report we’re interested in. So, we are going to click that now. So, the first thing it asks you to do is enter your domain name. So, we are going to start doing that now. So, we are going to enter the domain name of any website. You can put according to your choice, we’re putting upon of our website i.e. Next, it will ask you to type in your business name as it appears, which is optional. So, we are going to skip that and go to a device in location.

So, we are going to type in our area which is the United Kingdom and we’re going to keep it as desktop. devices primarily. Now you can change it to mobile as well and we think mobile might be a good place to start for a lot of location-based businesses. So, what we are going to do is we are going to start off tracking with mobile-first because again Google has changed their algorithm about a year ago and the idea is they want to index webpages from a mobile point of view. First, so now, go and Google looks at a website.

The way your site appears on the mobile phone is more important than how it appears on a desktop device. So, we are going to go with mobile for this. Next up, you enter your competitors, you could enter different competitors, it also automatically suggests the number of competitors. But, you can go ahead and skip this as well. And, we are going to go straight through two keywords. So, again because we have entered our website and it’s all about PPC and SEO, just come up with some ideas for keywords here but we are going to deal with those because of the topic of this article.

What we mentioned at the very beginning are these keywords. So, we are going to put those into SEMrush to track over time. Now, Semrush lets you track ten keywords for free, before needing to pay for the product. So, we are not too sure how much pricing is at the time of writing this article. But, we are sure that it changes quite frequently. If it’s something you can afford and is something you want to utilize for your business.

Then, we would advise you get an account because ultimately you want to track more than just ten keywords across your entire web domain. And, there’s a restriction for this free product. Just, so you can know and get hands-on for free, even if you have a trial version days left with you. If you’re facing any questions related to Best SEO Tools To Check/ Track Your Website Ranking In SERPs, just let us know in the comment box below.

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