Exactly Why Google Ban Websites From Appearing In Search Results

Exactly Why Google Ban Websites From Appearing In Search Results: If you are new to blogging, it can feel like the sky is falling all the time. You go to search engine journal or Moz and you see the things that they are writing about. Oh, there’s an update that hit this or this person. Lost half of their traffic. Well, it’s just not the real normal experience of a blogger to see wild fluctuations in traffic. Almost a decade into blogging and a lot of that time, full time, we have never been hit by a Google Penalty. And, we are not saying that it never will happen.

Exactly Why Google Ban Websites From Appearing In Search Results

We are not impervious to changes in technology in Google, we make tons of mistakes like everybody else. We are the reason, that we say, that you just should not expect that things are going to go crazy and feel afraid of starting an online business. Because of it, that’s just not the normal case for a blogger, the number one thing that holds people back. But if we can understand what it is that Google is trying to do, we can get a pretty clear picture of where they are going and we can be prepared for that. Google gives us every time. They always tell us what to do and if we listen, we will not be penalized by algorithm updates.

So, let’s take a little bit of a look at the history of some updates over the last few years that have been big ones. That had hurt a lot of people and by a lot, it’s still a very small fraction of the internet. But it hurts some people quite a bit. So, a lot of this data is coming from Moz. They have a great timeline that you can look at. When the updates were the first one, we are going to talk about is Panda. This is February 23, 2011. People still talk about this a lot. Almost a decade later and this hit thin content and leaked link wheels. You know, a 300-word blog post, a simple forum that had one response, that wasn’t that good just very thin content and people were doing tricky link exchange things between their websites and stuff. And, they got hit.

The next one was April 24th, 2012. This one was called Penguin. It was another huge one and this one hit keyword stuffing, it was a big one and over-optimization. So, people that were kind of trying to trick Google, trying to get their rankings higher just by stuffing their Keywords over and over and over again in an article. Such websites were hit in Penguin Update. In August 2013, we saw a move starting a move towards semantic search. So, if you wrote a blog post on Ford F-150 accessories and the search was for cool F-150 mods. Well, you could still show up for that same search result because Google got better at understanding the user intent of those words and not the specific keywords that they typed in. One year later, Google started giving just a slight preference to secure the websites.

So, having that, SSL does make a little bit of a difference. But even today, it’s still the only kind of slight preference in 2014 and 2015, we saw first a change to the pipe to pirate sites. We saw the pirate update were things that were taken copyright from other websites stealing blog posts and things like that. Those websites were hurt and then we also had mobilegeddon. Where, if you had not optimized your website, you also dropped in the rankings for mobile searches. Right? Also in 2015, we saw rank brain. This is a big one. This is where Google started to look at the way that users behave on the website.

How long they spend on the website, do they quickly leave and go look somewhere else. Do they click through all of that sort of user interaction data started to be a big ranking factor for Google? And, then we saw the snippet length increase in 2017 and again it was like this guy is falling. Google’s not going to link below. They are just going to show the content right on the page and guess what, everything was fine. If you are doing your content, well, now you can rake twice on the same search page. It is fantastic. And, they have later changed that shortened to backup and change different things.

But snippets started to come on the scene more and more that year. And, then in March 2018, the slowest mobile websites especially but the slowest websites got a little bit of a hit to their rankings and when we say that we are not saying that faster website. Always rank higher than slightly slower websites. It was more like 10 – the bottom 20% or so of websites the slowest websites on. They got hit in the rankings, the rest of us are doing pretty well.

So, big key learning there. Just don’t be the slowest and that brings up to now, August 1 2018. There was this update we heard a lot of buzz about it. This happens, you know a couple of times a year that will, they will make more major one and this one appears to have hit more than what we call millions of websites. Your money, your life is what Google calls this. And, you know if we Google something, like heart attack symptoms. You know, my left art is numb and I think, I might search for heart attack. Google doesn’t want to even take a change of sending me to Bob’s blog who is going to tell me to go smell some peppermint oil and go to sleep for the night.

They want to send us to the renowned cardiologist who will give us reliable information about that. If w is moving our 401 K, you know, left a company, we are moving our 401 K. Google wants to make sure that we go to a tax accountant who knows the answer to that question. Because Google cannot read the text and know if that’s right, they are not comparing your post to – the tax code, they just want to make sure you are an authority on that topic. So, you probably have the information. So, if you are writing about your money or your life kind of content. Those websites were especially hit if you have just no authority to be writing about that kind of topics.Exactly Why Google Ban Websites From Appearing In Search Results

So, what does that mean for us, it means, we needed to reevaluate, we are not writing about those topics, but it’s something we said, you know, even if we are writing about a hobby like campers or dirt bikes. We should at least have an about page. It may be wise to write to or three guest posts on other blogs. Just, so our name is known as in the industry may be to publish an e-book that we have on the website. Put it up on Amazon. So, people say we have a book on this topic thing like that, just make some very basic adjustments to make sure we have authority now. Again, none of our websites was hit by this.

We are not writing about any kind of medical stuff on our websites. But, it’s something to be aware of that, Google is starting to value this. So, you can see what we are doing, we are seeing what changes have happened and we are just trying to say what does this mean. What is Google trying to do for the users – that we can help to make sure it happens. And, we think, that’s an important thing for us to look at. As we look at this timeline, you saw in the early days – Google was just trying to wipe out the spammy stuff links than content exactly and today. Google is more focused, it is mostly focused on the user experience giving them more as reliable information as they can. And, making sure that the user has the experience that they are looking for.

If Google can do that, then Google has done its job and they are going to keep pushing in that direction now. How are we supposed to know, what Google is going to do how are we supposed to know, what is going to penalize your website and what’s going to help our website rank well in the future? As Google has done in the past, they are giving us the map, except they have given us probably the best map, they ever have too good of a map. And, that’s the problem. They already have this document. It’s 200 pages long. That they wrote for their quality checkers, they go to websites and literally. Over 6 million manuals. Actions that they have taken for the websites to adjust where they fall in the rankings based upon these things in the 200-page documents.

And, now they have made that available to all of us. Exactly, so it leaked online first one of the quality checkers leaked it and then Google just said, you know, what everybody should just see this. You should just know how to make a better website and we have gone through that document line by line. We know, what’s in there and we want to share that with you in a way that’s going to make it easier for you to implement on your website. We have seen a trend in just greater use of Artificial Intelligence. Google has its AI, Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and they are trying to provide the answer to questions, solutions to problems just in a real quick fast way.

Well, Google is doing that as well, with their snippets winning this snippet is going to get more and more important obviously. If somebody just wants the quick answer and they get in a snippet, they may not read that article, but that’s going to happen another way as well. You can just read the content and gets the answer.

But, they want more information there too. The likelihood that they will click on the snippet itself as the first article that they go read is fairly high. So, to be clear, the snippet you know appears in position 0 and then you still have all whatever ten races rankings there. So, the quality of your page ranks in the top ten, but if you just have the best two-sentence summary, bang, you get the snippet and sometimes, we have seen plenty of our posts that get position zero. The snippet and position one you just fill the search engine rigging. It’s what does that tell the user is it is. For these questions, this is a website, this is where we need to go.

And, look, we recently published other articles on our main website blognxt.com. It’s just killer helpful content because again if you can win that position 0 and then position one or equal position two by having that position zero. you are kind of the default one. We got some Ninja Tips in that. Here’s what to focus on, to avoid Algo updates – Snippet Optimisation and Video Content. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Exactly Why Google Ban Websites From Appearing In Search Results, still if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Exactly Why Google Ban Websites From Appearing In Search Results, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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