Gravatar: All You Need To Know About Your WordPress Profiles

Gravatar: All You Need To Know About Your WordPress Profiles: First of all, you will need to learn what is the importance of having a Gravatar account, and how you can get a Gravat Account with an image. If, we install a WordPress website and we use a new email address. GravatarIt looks like the same as you can see my name in the top right corner. Then, you see our profile picture and it does not look professional. Sod, when you have a blog post for instance on your website and below the blog post, you see something like about the author, you see this image over here. It doesn’t look good. So, how can you get an image over here?

Gravatar: All You Need To Know About Your WordPress Profiles

We go to the backend of our WordPress website. We then go to users, your profile, we scroll down and we see this is the others, we use and this email address is not linked with a Gravatar Account. How can you get one over here at profile picture? It says you can change your profile picture on Gravatar. So, we go over there, it cost about $500. We were just kidding, it is free. We click on to create your own Gravatar. Then, enter your email address, choose a username for yourself, choose a password, then click Continue. Save the passwords in the Google Password Manager with the help of popup.

Now, you will have to move right along and you will need to confirm your email address. So, click on Activate Account after entering your Email Box. Click – sign in to Gravat, we click over here. It looks like you don’t have any images yet, add a new image, we click over here and if you don’t see that, you can click over here. Add an image, we upload a new one, choose a foul, we go to the desktop and over there. We choose this image, we open it and we click on next.

Then, click on crop image and then click on set rating. That’s it. Now, we need to wait for, well, so we will be back with you. It can take a few minutes before your image is visible here. So, we refresh the page and there it is. So, if we would go to our website, you see the image over here and not only here. If we post a blog post and below it says something about the author, you will see my image and when we go to a WordPress website and leave a reply, somewhere and we use the same email address. We also will see this image. So, that’s how you can do it.

Do you want to add author photo to your WordPress website? Stick around and you will learn in minutes how to do it. By default, most WordPress themes bring in Gravat to the dashboard to the author’s dashboard and what Gravat is you can go to and sign up for it. And, you can add different email addresses and different images or profile images to go with that email and that is great for a lot of people. But, sometimes, you want to add your local profile image or allow local authors to add their profile image to your WordPress website.

Well, to do that, let’s go to our WordPress dashboard, we are going to go into full screen here. Go over to plugins, add new and we are searching for a plugin called WP User Avatar. This is the one we want to use. So, let’s install that and once it’s installed, let’s go ahead and activate it as well. Now, that’s activated, you see this area over here, we can go under settings to set it up and by default, it will show the avatar for an author or above. But, here you can allow it to do contributors and subscribers as well.

You can also disable Gravat completely and only use local avatars about this. Check it, will use both if someone has Gravat coming in from the Gravat website and only use that. Otherwise, it will use the local avatar scrolling down a bit. You can see that these are the default avatars that you can use if someone doesn’t have an image anywhere or you can upload your own once you save changes. Now, we can go in under a user, go under profile and you see here’s the original where it pulls in from Gravat and scrolling down you have this area where they can choose an image. We can click choose an image.

For instance, we have different images here that we can select and now that will be the new avatar for the profile. Now, click on update profile Now, when we go to the website, anything that has this profile will bring in that avatar. These are the existing steps in creating a Gravat for your WordPress profile. If any changes shortly, we will let you know through a new guide. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Gravatar: All You Need To Know About Your WordPress Profiles, still if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Gravatar: All You Need To Know About Your WordPress Profiles, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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