How To Get Your Website Indexed In Google Instantly

How To Get Your Website Indexed In Google Instantly: In this article, we are going to show you how to rank your website faster on Google using SEO. So, if you were like maybe a week ago, you probably thought that you create a website you need to wait for the Google gods to rank it highly and there’s nothing you can do at all. That’s what we used to think initially. Make your website – you build the content, and you just wait. There’s absolutely nothing you can do.

How To Get Your Website Indexed In Google Instantly

But, actually, there is a way to speed the process up by giving the Google your website and saying – Hey, check out this website and index it. Place it in your search engine. So, please can take a look at it, because it has value. There is a way to do that and that’s what we wanted to show you now. So, if you have your website and you are building content, you are creating posts, blogs etc. And, you want to rank it highly as opposed to what we have been doing with paid traffic. Then, this is the article for you – we will show you how to speed the process up and using Google Search Console. So, let’s begin.How To Get Your Website Indexed In Google Instantly

First thing you want to do in Google is just type in Google search console. You may need to create a Google+ account or whatnot already a habit. So, it kind of automatically signs me in. But, whatever it asks you to do to sign up. We don’t need to guide you for your email address and your phone number stuff. It’s pretty simple. But, you will log on and it will but you will log on and it will look something like this for you. And, what you will need to do actually. First, you will need to add a property. So, you will need to add your website, either a website or an Android App, right we are working with websites.

So, let’s say websites are there and then you need to verify it. So, now your screen will look something like this. That’s our first screen is going to say verification required. No effort for success is the website, we had before we changed our domain for our main website. So now it’s a marketing essential that comes to match with our new name alright. But, anyway, the easiest way to do this through the instantaneous one is by taking this code that they are giving you. And just placing it in the head section of your page before the first body section is there. This is the case when you have the click funnels account.

And, you go into setting sand not even settings into each individual funned. You don’t even have to go to settings and just go into the tracking section code in the header part of your website. It’s pretty easy, then just click it and your website will be verified immediately. If you are using for example, they have a place where you can put this and automatically, it’s placed specifically where they are saying place your Google Analytics or Google.

Whatever code. Here, you just literally cut a piece out there and then you click verify and that is it. It takes a second to do that. For some reason, you don’t feel comfortable doing this. You don’t have control of your website right away. Here are the other four options you can have. So, if you have Google Analytics, really all you have to do is just click Verify. So, if you already have the Google Analytics Code and still installed on your website, just click a verify button. Or part from that, the other easiest options is all about the HTML file upload button. In that case, you will have to literally pick whichever domain name provider you have.

So, we are working with Namecheap. Let us just find that here. And, what you would do is you would just paste this code into you txt record below. So, we are actually logged into our name, check account here. What you would do is over here – all the previous articles have been working with a record and came record. For this case, you are just going to select txt and you are just going to paste that code there. You are going to click on confirm now.

It may take some time. So, over here, you know, it says DNS changes take some time. If we don’t find the time to do that. We will check for it periodically. Just wait a bit, but that’s also a problem in itself. Because of the DNS records. Sometimes, to feel that information, we are just going to – you know, click on verify, we have already verified this – we don’t need to verify it once you click on verify.

Your website should be up and running. Now, here you can index by putting in your website’s URLs. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Get Your Website Indexed In Google Instantly, still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic i.e. How To Get Your Website Indexed In Google Instantly, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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