How To Use Keywords In Blog: Keyword Density That Google Allows

How To Use Keywords In Blog: Keyword Density That Google Allows: We are going to show you how to use the Yoast SEO plugin to quickly and easily figure out the keyword density of your of the Keyword in your post. The reason you want to know your keyword density is you don’t want to have your keyword appear too many times. Because Google will just think you are manipulating the search results or trying to. And, they were going to penalize your website. So, for this post, this is the example from our website.

How To Use Keywords In Blog: Keyword Density That Google Allows

The keyword was optimizing for is WordPress memory limit as you have seen the title up here. Now, ideally, this keyword will be at the very beginning of the title. We couldn’t find a way to may have that make sense for what we were writing. So, it doesn’t appear at the beginning. But, either way, if you have the Yoast plugin installed if you scroll down below the post you look for the Yoast Two Meta Box. If this meta box does not appear below the post editor, click on Screen options and then click on the Yoast SEO checkbox. Make sure that activates and then this section will appear and you have this awesome list of things, that you need to do or don’t you to do stuff that’s in green is good, you don’t have to fix it orange is a warning and a red is must fix.

So, for this post, because we are talking about keyword density, we have an entry right here. We are green for it and says keyword density is 0.5%, which is great. The focus Keyword was found four times. So, what it’s done is – it’s gone and it’s calculated how many times, the keyword appears which makes your life easy. Because all you have to do is watch, what’s happening in here. And, you will know whether you have the right keyword density or not. And, this will update as you are working. So, if we add my keyword again, which is a WordPress memory. Fighting-type memory limit.

And, then if we tab out of the editor, it immediately updates this to 0.07 now. That is point seven per cent. So, if you find your Keyword densities too low, you just go through your post and you add keyword where it makes sense or it doesn’t make sense. That means the keywords will have to make sense. You have to make sure it’s still human-readable. And, if your keyword density is too high, go through your post and take keywords out. Until this little circle is green, and that’s one of the greatest features of the Yoast SEO Plugin because it makes that keyword density calculation easy. Everything else that’s green is stuff you can just memorize the number of words you need. How many images you have, how many outward links you have.

Maybe sure, all those exist on your ost is easy to do. What’s not easy is keyword density calculation and this plugin helps with that. So, we hope this article helps you. There are some interesting things about it. It ranks very well, we think it’s ranking four and another blog post from the same guy from the next year of his reviews is ranking number 5. So, he has got sort of two positions in there. But, what’s interesting to us is there’s not a lot of keyword targeting. This particular gentleman even has something on his about page, that says you know, if you are an SEO or a social media person.

So clearly, in the next few words, how Google calculates the Keyword density. Probably as soon as the late 90s, right so, we are talking a long time ago and yet there are still a tremendous number of SEOs, who look for Keyword Density Analysis and density tools and think this is a good way to do the best practice. It is not – we would urge you not to use density as a metric not to think about it. You won’t find it in our keyword tools, you won’t find it in most good keywords, tools a title is very useful.

Right? It’s a very useful place to employ your keywords, but a click worth title is worth a lot more than just a perfectly keyword-targeted title. So perfectly keyword-targeted would be keyword phrase right at the beginning, exact match right. So, something like Seattle’s best expression, you know and then we review 113 different coffee places in the city.

That’s not a terrible title you can imagine clicking that. We love the title. This blogger has put together the best and worst in Seattle Espresso 2011 edition.How To Use Keywords In Blog: Keyword Density That Google Allows Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Use Keywords In Blog: Keyword Density That Google Allows, still if you are facing any questions regarding the topic that is How To Use Keywords In Blog: Keyword Density That Google Allows, please make sure to let us know all the issues in the comment box below.

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