iTunes’ Getting Killed By Apple Inc. After 18 Years! What’s Next For Apple Users?

iTunes’ Getting Killed By Apple Inc. After 18 Years! What’s Next For Apple Users?

Apple isn’t killing iTunes! On Monday, Tim Cook isn’t coming to your house and deleting all of the music and all of the movies that you have bought and downloaded. Overall, of the years, there will be no final snap live on stage. No decimation around the world so why are there so many headlines saying iTunes is ending and the age of digital downloads is over. Because, apparently writers cannot read, fact-checkers cannot check facts and editors are too busy fading clicks and not too busy enough thinking about the needless stress and anxiety.

They are causing the audience’s that are supposed to rely on their reporting but like every viral Maelstrom, there’s a calm set of facts right in the centre. What are they anyway? Let’s break it down right now. Nerds have been wanting Apple to tear down iTunes for a decade or more. It’s big, it’s bloated and the iPhone has long shown that individual apps for music TV and podcasts are a better sleeker, smarter way to go. What about everyone who just wants to back up their iPad without using iCloud or RIP CDs onto their iPod. Nano from their Windows PC screws them.iTunes' Getting Killed By Apple Inc. After 18 Years! What's Next For Apple Users?

Who cares about their comfort level, iTunes has to burn this year though there have been credible rumours that Apple is getting ready to do just that at least it started so many of these things. After this news took place, Twitter is going mad with tweets about iTunes only. Apple was planning new, likely UIKit aka Marzipan music podcasts maybe even books, apps for the Mac but to take all of that with a grain of salt.

Just a month before at their March showtime event, Apple had announced the TV App was coming to MAC OS. So it made the kind of sense that just did then naturally it escalated to gear ambo at 9 to 5 mac Key said he could independently that Steven had said about music and podcasts and added that eBooks would be getting a major redesign. The new standalone music app on MAC OS will be an app kid collection based off of iTunes.

It will include many of the advanced features iTunes users are accustomed to including things such as smart playlists, advanced library management syncing with iPods and iOS devices and even disk reading and burning mark. Germany had been saying similar things on Bloomberg as well back in May he said there will also be a new Apple Music app which is being developed as a standalone MAC program.

And, right afterwards on Twitter, he clarified it wouldn’t be a marzipan app then just yesterday and again a quote Verbatim because important iTunes has been the way Apple users listened to music, watch movies and TV shows hear podcasts and manage their devices for almost two decades this year. Apple is finally ready to move into a new era, the company is launching a trio of new apps for the Mac Music TV and podcasts to replace iTunes that matches Apple’s media app strategy on iPhone and iPads without iTunes. Customers can manage their Apple gadgets through the music app now.

Here’s the LA Times Headline and to be 100% crystal clear, the LA Time is only one of the many terrible reports on this circulating yesterday. Apple will shut down iTunes ending the download era, report says and then thus lead the iTunes store is a dead service walking. If only we cared so much about accuracy as cleverness though right why accuracy because the report, the LA times cites and links to is Bloomberg’s from yesterday, the one we just quoted Verbatim, the one that if you command or control F and search for iTunes store or downloads, you know what, you find nothing absolutely nothing.

Because Germany didn’t mention the store or the downloads at all. He only mentioned the app, So, yes the iTunes App for MAC is likely going to be replaced by new music TV and podcast apps deprecated might even be a better word for it. At least in MAC OS, 10.15 Beta released to developers on Monday. But, that has nothing to do with the iTunes store, potential rebranding or whatever aside or the downloads. Any of us have in any of our existing libraries gear ambo ended his last piece by positing that Apple would keep iTunes proper for a while still for people who needed some of the niche features or features the new version simply wouldn’t have implemented yet.

Which also makes sense because that’s exactly how Apple has handled similar transitions in the past. When photos from MAC launched a few years ago, Apple didn’t immediately eradicate the old iPhoto app and Tim Cook didn’t show up at your house and delete all your photos off all your drives. The times even says as much at the very end of it. Whatever you want to call this word soups. The specific of iTunes reported demise haven’t been made public. But music fans will probably be able to access all offerings including download purchases through the Apple Music App.

Good thing, nobody just reads a headline and everybody skips right to the end. Right? Even if Apple announces the new Apps on Monday, they won’t be released to the general public until this fall and it will likely be years until the existing version of iTunes finally stops running on future versions of MAC OS again if past is prologue and in these cases, it pretty much always is – We could be wrong at some places only because we haven’t seen any report yet of what’s going to happen to the iTunes for PC which represents a non insignificant part of the install base. So, if you have been at all stressed or worried about any of this, you need not be, and tell your friends and family they don’t have to be either.

Some people believe that iTunes is the worst media player that has ever been foisted upon the public. But yet when it was announced that Apple might actually be doing something and shifting away from iTunes and giving TV Podcasts and music their own apps people somehow went insane and said that the Apple is shutting down iTunes. And, that ou is not going to have the music anymore or whatever. This is not OKAY! It is little stupid because if you use an Apple TV or if you have an iPad or iPhone or anything like that, you will know that you have separate music apps, podcast app and a TV App media app whatever. And you will know that all the things that you have purchased in the past all the things that you own are still there and available.

And, nobody from Apple is going to bust your door down after tomorrow’s WWDC event and like strip your hard drives of music. Anyway, who really we’ve got a lot of MP3 files and all that kind of stuff. We don’t collect them anymore. We know Apple likes to improve progress on move on from old technology and after nearly two decades, a very popular Apple service is about to be killed off. Almost after 18 years, Apple is going to kill off iTunes. This is a piece of breaking news which was announced on Saturday morning. The rumours have been going around for a while that Apple was looking at getting rid of iTunes. But we feel that now the rumours are confirmed. This was first from the Rolling Stone websites.

The headline was as “Apple is finally killing iTunes farewell to a clunky but world-shattering icon.” Steve Jobs presented the iTunes Music Store in 2004. It’s the end of music? Let us start that again, it’s the end of a music era, as many people believe, nearly two decades after launching iTunes and ripping up the retail store model of album purchases. Apple is ready to retire the iconic product. According to Bloomberg during the software keynote at its annual worldwide developer’s conference in San Jose California. Next Monday, the tech giant is set to replace iTunes with a standalone music television and podcast apps.

The move which has been rumoured for years now will align Apple’s media strategy across the board. iPhones and iPads already offer separate music TV and podcasts app instead of the centralized iTunes app that lives on MAC and MacBooks now. You may have got iTunes on your MAC, their users can experience and expect the new music app to offer some of the same functionalities that iTunes currently does such as purchasing songs and syncing phones. Just with a sleeker interface that’s free of outdated and of the Boheme and features of the heritage product and more closely bundled with streaming service Apple music.

But, the scrapping of iTunes brand symbolizes a lot to buy proportioning our music television and podcast offerings into three separate platforms Apple will pointedly draw attention to itself as a multi-faceted entertainment service provider. No longer as a hardware company that happens to sell entertainment through its many apps that’s crucial for Apple’s future as the company combats sluggish phone sales with the aggressive growth of its services division.

At WWDC, this year, according to various reports, Apple is planning to buff up other apps including eBooks messages and mail it also announced ambitious plans for an original video programming feature. The likes of Steve Carell just a few months ago in another bread to grow its content, presence in the entertainment industry. So, this is Apple becoming more of an Entertainment system service provider for one of a better term. Moreover, then its standard hardware welcome as the death of iTunes may be frustrated. You may be too frustrated users. The software will forever deserve credit for the revolution, it engineered in the early 2000s before iTunes debuted the music industry was tearing its hair out trying to combat illegal file sharing on Napster.

Jobs’ new product presented the digital eras first sustainable user-friendly way to listen to music. Other firms like Sony and Microsoft have toyed with the idea of digital record stores. Yet they “were technology companies that knew how to build disc players and hardware but they were not companies that had demonstrated Apple sophistic.” Warner Music’s vice president Pual Vidisha recalled to Rolling Stone in 2013 on the iTunes stores 10th anniversary.

It looks like it took a company that was able to bridge those two things and come up with an attractive consumer product. We know the rumours have been around. But this just confirms it. So, that’s the end of iTunes. We don’t personally use it. But we know a lot of people have varying opinions on its clunkiness etc. Some people have never used iTunes for any purpose, that’s why it is hard to say whether the killing of iTune is good or bad for the world?

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