JIO 4g Voice 2019 App For Android

Jio 4g voice app is introduced by the Mukesh Ambani’s and it is offered by the reliance jio communications. A most of fun apps are available by the jio app. In this my jio demanded one is the free 4g voice and video calls, so don’t miss this offer. This jio 4g voice must and should have the 4g network device. Later some days jio app expands to 3g supported mobile phones. It is updated on last 19th july 2017. The APK file size of this jio app is 3 MB.

How To Solve the Offline Problem Of Jio 4g voice APP

  • First please place the jio SIM in port 1 then you should not face the offline problem.
  • Then check that mobile data is on or off.
  • Before the above process of switch off your mobile.
  • And then again switch on the mobile.
  • Turn on the mobile data and go to the settings.
  • Click the option search network manually on mobile networks.
  • Wait a minute and select jio 4g voice.
  • Now you can’t face any offline problems.
  • Why still my call is not connecting?
  • Even If you face this offline problem in multiple times like you dial to any number but immediately it gets disconnected. Then you want to call 7 to 8 times to that mobile number until it re connects. By this you can have the solution to above problem.

Why you are not receiving messages on JIO 4g Voice app?

  • First update the latest version of jio app.
  • Grant all of the asking several permissions for messaging.
  • Do not open the default inbox while checking the SMS.
  • And then you can receive the SMS on jio 4g voice by itself.
  • Now you are ready to receive or sending the SMS through this app.
  • Still you are ineffective with the above method then you have only one option for you.
  • That is please you have to download the old version of jio app to your device.
  • How to make the video call by using jio4gvoice?

It must and should requires the front camera to send your video to the other person and also requires the headphone for the voice sending.

  • First open the jio video calling app (jio 4g voice).
  • Now put the headphones to your mobile.
  • Then tap on the contacts in your jio app.
  • Next tap on the camera for sending your video to the other end person.
  • And then finally make the video call by tap on the video icon on your device.
  • Let’s enjoy the video call on this jio 4g voice app.

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Features of  Jio 4g voice APK:

Download jio 4g voice apk

Below are the some of the fantastic features of jio 4g app:

You can make the high definition video calls.
Freely you can share the texts.
There is no delay of noise.
You can dial or receive to or from any network.
You can also make the perfect conference calls by this jio 4g voice.
How To Download The Jio App
You can follow the below steps for downloading the jio4gvoice APK,

  • First open the Google play store on your android device for downloading the APK file.
  • Here you have the one search box for searching jio4gvoice.
  • Then type jio 4g voice app on search box.
  • You have seen the jio app icon and also the related APK files.
  • Then you have to click the install button of jio4gvoice.
  • And then the APK file will be downloaded.
  • And install that app on your android device by setup the settings.
  • Finally you have the jio app on your device.
  • Let’s enjoy this app by open it.

Now this feature available for all non-VoLTE 4G smart phone devices. If you are jio network user and device is non-VoLTE then download jio 4g voice app for your Android smartphone, in this paper, we are writing an article about jio 4g voice apk so follow this article and get complete information.

Rich Call:-here we can enjoy the more calls and also the messages onthe beautiful way to express the rich way of using the jo 4G and we can send the photos and aslo location to the others.

We can intimate the important things to the other users the other user have popup any window on the user’s screen and intimating them the matter and these are all the rich speeches involved in this jio 4G voice apk.

Her i provide a link to download the jio4Gvoice apk and click here to download the app .The on bething you need is a jio sim and a jio 4G voice app.


Download Jio 4g Voice APK For Android

Jio join Is the earlier name of jio 4g voice after that reliance jio has changed but these days jio 4g voice becomes a very popular name. Actually, regular smartphones are not allowed 4g network service with out jio 4gvoice app. Now, this app available in size compressd apk version for Android. First of all

What is the Use of jio 4g Voice APK and How Does its Work on Your Non-VOLTE smartphone?
Jio 4g voice launched by Reliance Jio Info comm Ltd and this app will give you a crystal clear voice and video calling experience. Make HD video and voice calls through jio4g voice app. JioFi allows you to use jio4g voice app on your 2G/3G smartphones but before going to make a call you must turn on the data connection. Make voice or video call to any landline or mobile over all India region. this service will make you Rich Communication Services (RCS) in India.

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