PS4 vs Google Stadia – Price, Specification & Gameplay Comparison [2019]

PS4 vs Google Stadia – Price, Specification & Gameplay Comparison [2019]

As satisfying as it is to piece together a shiny new gaming PC or unwrap a lovely new console on Christmas morning. There’s no denying how convenient it would be to be able to just load up and play your games from anywhere. Even if you use a system that isn’t all that powerful. And, although simple browser games have been around for a long time. Remember that website and Running anything more immersive or powerful has typically required some kind of dedicated hardware. But now several services are trying to alleviate the low that your computer has to handle by streaming games directly to you.PS4 vs Google Stadia - Price, Specification & Gameplay Comparison [2019]

That is to say that most of the computationally intensive work is done on a server somewhere far away and then the completed rendered frames are delivered to your PC via the internet. And with rising internet speeds and games taking up more and more space on your computer’s local storage, game streaming is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace especially with Google announcing of their new streaming service called stadia. Which will work with nothing more than a browser or a smart TV and internet connection and then optionally Google’s game controller?

But, as much buzz is there’s been around it there are a few things that we’d like to see from stadia to help propel game streaming more to the forefront. First off is, of course, the elephant in the room latency. For obvious reasons when you’re playing a game you expect something to happen on the screen as soon as you press a button or click your mouse. And while this is never an issue if your gaming on a local machine. It’s a real concern if you’re expecting server hundreds of miles away to respond instantly to you moving a targeting reticle. Now Google is hoping to mitigate the latency issues that have plagued other streaming services.

Part of the solution will probably come from the fact that they just have more cloud infrastructure. So the fact that they have more servers in more places sure to help to reduce both ping time and inherently the latency of your connection. So like a stadia gamer might be connecting to a server fifty miles away instead of one that is five hundred miles away. Hopefully, this will keep games from lagging out. But another major hurdle is going to be image quality. and we don’t mean to say that Google is going to be using a week graphics cards to render stadia games.

Google Stadia Processor Specifications

They’re using a rise of custom AMD radion chips that sounds pretty freaking powerful. The issues though is that as the vast majority of digital video online the rendered frames will almost certainly need to be compressed before they’re sent across the internet. so that a standard connection has any hope of handling them. So that means there could be some degradation in quality by the time they hit your screen. Now Google is expecting a twenty-five megabit home internet connection to be good enough to stream games at 4K.

The resolution, sixty frames per second and that’s a speed that certainly within reach of many users. The image quality may not be as good as some gamers would like. So we’re gonna have to see if Google has a solution to this issue in the works. That said all the tech in the world isn’t going to matter unless it’s easy to access the games that people want to play. And it’s still a bit of an open question as to how libraries are going to be handled on stadia. Now PlayStation Sony’s streaming offering only offers a rotating list of games. So it’s never clear if you can rely on a certain title being on the platform for too long.

GeForce now from Nvidia only supports certain games from steam you play and battle that and has been in an invite-only beta for a very long time and blade while fairly slick has a fairly expensive monthly fee. With the amount of storage and connectivity in Google’s arsenal however, the hope is that Google Stadia will not only have a large library of games to pick from at a reasonable price.

Google Stadia Price In India

Be it all a cart or by subscription. But that it will also give people the ability to bring their games in and run them off of Google servers. Or at least grant access to those same titles so that gamers won’t have to pay again for a game that they already own. One thing standing in the way through is the fact that unlike PlayStation now or GeForce now we’re games will run just natively as is on the servers stadia is an entirely new platform built on Linux.

Meaning that many titles will have to be ported over to work. And game ports take both time and resources to do properly. What that means in a nutshell though is that this issue may affect what kinds of games will be available as well as which previously on games users will be able to bring to the service. And, of course, we’d also like to see streaming platforms other than YouTube get supported. It’s an open question at this time as to whether Stadia will allow gamers to stream to twitch since it’s in direct competition with YouTube which is of course owned by Google.

To be fair there are some cool YouTube-centric features in the works. Including the ability for a state a user to start playing the game being streamed with the click of a button. Or even join the streamer’s game. Even with all these questions yet to be answered though it’s certainly exciting for an absolute Titan of cloud computing like Google to finally throw its hat into the streaming ring.

The most exciting one, Google killed the Consoles pretty much. So there was a Google event this week and introduce stadia. This is different. This is nothing like Onlive. If you guys remember that or even PlayStation now those are also streaming service. But, there are quite a few key differences between those and the school stadium so how we have Netflix streaming service for movies.

Google Stadia vs PS4

There’s nothing for games and the only thing that’s because games require a significant amount of the power to process and that’s why we have those boxes we on the PlayStation we have the Xbox we have the Nintendo. This is the dream for basically gamers and everyone having a streaming service that works as well as Netflix does before games. being able to play any game on any device you have. now like we said this is what all we tried a few years ago but they fail because your connection was not there.

This is what PlayStation tried SONY and they still have the PlayStation. Now service was playing PS3 games PS2 games even some PS1 games on your PS4. But obviously, it’s that latency is not that great. And, Google stadia, like we said before is quite impressive. So it’s impressive because developers can make their Stadia games. So it’s pretty much like cloud Consoles and the streaming service.

All the games can be ported to stadia but most games would be developed with Stadia in mind. So let’s talk about the performance of Stadia, that allows you access to virtual Consoles that have ten point seven teraflops of GPU Compute power. Now the Xbox OneX which is the most powerful Consoles on the markets can be 4K. Sixty to forty sixty games in HD are it’s pretty impressive it has six teraflops of computing power and if yes or pro has four points to sell their goal then you go will stay is pretty much twice as powerful almost twice as the Xbox oneX’s.

Keeping all the previous problems in mind, finally, Google revealed its new games streaming platform Stadia. It also claimed that Stadia is more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox 1X combined. Google says Stadia runs at 10.7 teraflops of power GPU combined, using a single GPU. Whereas the PS4 Pro runs a 4.2 Teraflops and the Xbox 1X runs at six teraflops. If your eyes glaze over like mine when you’re teraflops just change it to trace their flaps think that’s a lot more fun.

Google Stadia vs Microsoft

The claim that stadia runs at ten point seven tracer flops is when working with the single GPU however using multiple GPUs Google claims data can run even faster making computing-intensive tasks like water simulation much easier and more realistic. So theoretically, you’ll be able to enjoy gaming at a much higher and then on PS four or Xbox one right in your chrome browser as long as you have the internet connection for it Cydia will even help bring back split-screen couch coop.

Since rendering those multiple screens which are taxing on hardware can now be handled by the tracer floods in Google’s data centres. Reactions to the Google CDS certainly been mixed what do you think. What a presumably lower price of entry for higher-end gaming experience be worth it at the cost of not only your games and relying on a fast internet connection.

They actually demo their new CryEngine and actually demo the real-time ray tracing using got in the car to be got fifty six which is interesting because Nvidia has harbour built-in for AT and they’ve actually done it’s too soft for and it really it’s actually possible to the U. real-time ray tracing with AMD cards such as we got fifty-six so maybe it’s a coincidence that they show this on the big fifty-six.

Google Stadia vs Nvidia GeForce Now

ButWedon’tWereally think it is something Google’s working with CryEngine Crytek actually as a company to develop stadium and something really cool about stadia is that every game loads in about five seconds when you launch a game everything is based on as-is the cloud storage everything is solid state so games would load in about five seconds and what’s even better is that developers can actually have access to petabytes of data storage which means that you’re not restricted to those fifty gigabytes and blue-ray this offer he can have acids game masses of hundreds of gigabytes or even petabytes in size which is insane.

What’s really cool is that if developers need more power and more storage they can actually request that so everything is scalable yeah but the games will be ten eighty P. thirty well not really depends on your connection which I’ll talk about in a second but Google aims for forty sixty forty-six the age our games and even eight K. at a hundred twenty printer second in the future.

Google Stadia vs PS5

So this is a really really impressive okay so we have to buy discount so will not really Google’s planning is for you to be able to access it from pretty much anything your PC or mac your even your phone your tablet whatever device you have you’ll be able to access stadia all you need is a good internet connection and that’s it the only hard read that a DSL is actually this controller they mostly made this for to chrome cast.

So your Chromecast they still want you to be able to access stadia is connected not just your wifi network but also they regularly the state S. servers to decrease latency probably the coolest feature and by far the best feature of stadia is that it would integrate directly with you too so let’s say you watch someone play a game or someone a live stream your.

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