Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed Hosting: Which One Is Best For You?

Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed Hosting: Which One Is Best For You? – We want to share with you some of the difference between a shared host and a managed host. And, the importance of that and then talk a little bit about the manage hosts that we use. So, as we well know, or at least most of us know, your basic hosting plan works a little bit something like this – you have your domain you have your hosting, the domain is what people type into their browser to be connected to your hosting and your hosting is where your website, all of your graphics, all the code, all of that junk lives.Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed Hosting: Which One Is Best For You?

Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed Hosting: Which One Is Best For You?

Now, typically when you sign up for hosting one of these shared hosting plans, something like that you know, all the big company names, the ones with a big TV ads and stuff like that, when you sign up for one of those plans, you basically get thrown onto a server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. And, all the resources, all of the speed of that server, everything, the bandwidth, it’s shared between all these different websites.

So, if somebody else’s website, not your own, is sucking up a ton of the resource, you are going to suffer on the side, because, well all the resources are not there for your website. They are going to somebody else. Because you are a part of a shared hosting plan, its just kind of like what it is and customer service and things like that generally are not very good with some of these lower-priced, lower-end shared hosts.

They might be great to get started with, but they are really not great long term solutions and they are certainly not great if you have a business or interested in selling product and need like a rock-solid stable solution, for your website. So, let us introduce you to the company what we have been with. It’s a company called WP Engine.

They are very WordPress centric, if you have a word press website, which many of us do, they, in my opinion, the best hosting that’s out there are what’s called managed to host. Think of it as like a method of hosting where you have got your website, somewhere and you have a whole team of people that are watching over it.

Making sure that it’s optimized, that it is backed up, that’s just protected, we’ve had on WP engine. For over three years now, we have never been down a single time, the website doesn’t go down, when we get traffic spikes, we can have tens of hundreds of thousands of people click through to your website, the website will not go down. It’s not like these other hosts, where you go down, you lost a bunch of money, because you have lost a bunch of traffic, which turn to pay customers, it’s not like that WP Engine will allow you to kind of scale and handle a few hundred people or tens of thousands or millions of people as well.

So, let us just give you a quick rundown of some of what yo get as just a customer a guy, who runs a shop, who needs a website for this business or her business. OR, if you are a web designer, some of the advantages of working with managed host and in our opinion working with WP Engine, the number one thing is – just peace of mind.

You don’t have to worry about anything, you can do your business your hosting is taking care of – you don’t worry about waking up, morning and realizing your website’s down and not knowing where to turn or where to look to get it fixed, you don’t have to scramble to call your web developer and worry that he is on vacation or out busy. You know getting in trying the newest latte or Starbucks, whatever it may be.

WP Engine has it covered, you also get continual support the customer service is amazing, they are always doing maintenance and upgrades and tweaks and security to the server system to make sure that your study is secure and rock stable. Just steady, consistency and ease of mind, is really what this is all about. Not only that and speaking of ease of mind, every day your website is backed up. It’s back up to an off-site location, which ensures your data is not only just digitally safe, but physically safe and if something does go crazy wrong, it’s one click to restore to it to a specific point to bring your whole website back. It’s that easy, it’s so fast, so simple, it’s so easy to do.

You don’t even have to be a web developer or web designer to do it. So, the whole system is built with WordPress in mind, so it just runs fast. It’s quick, it’s snappy, you don’t worry about these websites that bog down people get frustrated and leave your website because the pages are taking forever to load or half the time, the pages just don’t load it all or whatever.

It may be, it’s fast, it’s just fast, one of the great things about it because they are WordPress Central, as they are. And they are concerned about more importantly your WordPress website. If something goes wrong, your theme gets all messed up, or you implement a new plugin that breaks your website. Or breaks a plugin or something you can reach out to their customer support and they will help you even with stuff like that to the other people and they will just say you know sorry here.

You are up to the creek, without a paddle, nothing, we can do a WPEngine, they can help you out with something like that and speaking of the security and the updates and all that kind of stuff. That we mentioned before, they are continually scanning and watching for malware and other nasty stuff that can do equally nasty things to your website and kind of pushing that stuff out. Keeping it away, protecting your stuff. So the cost for WP Engine, right now is $29 a month, if you are used to the typical shared host kind of the cheaper host out there. You may be used to like five to nine dollars a month.

So, it’s jumping in price, but it’s in an amazing jump, in quality, stability, peace of mind, everything that you need out of a serious host. For a business that you are looking to grow right, your website is going to rock tomorrow, if you choose to go with the right hosting plan. If you are going to make the millions of dollars is that worth the extra fifteen to twenty dollars a month, some would say, now for Savvy Buyers out there, there are many deals that WP Engine does run where you get 20% off you can get several months free of your WP Engine Hosting. If you purchase a full year of hosting upfront so you can end up saving a lot of money and even getting it for less.

So, for you know, less than twenty dollars additional a month, and what you are paying now in all likelihood and can vastly update the speed and stability and security of the website. And, just ensure that you know none of that kind of bad stuff is going to happen to your website. As we said, we have been with him for three years, we love them, we would not be talking about them, if we didn’t love them trust us, we have been with many other hosts before and we have never talked about any of them. Why we would be talking about that hosting service company, if we don’t love them, they are great.

Even after going through this in-depth guide on Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed Hosting: Which One Is Best For You? still, if you have any questions related to the topic or any other tech topic, just make sure to ask us in the comment box below.

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