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This is app amazing app with which you can transfer files from one device to other like phone, tablets and computers. This app uses direct WIFI connections in other to send the file and all the files are transfer over WIFI only. with the help of share it you can send files, photos, videos and other apps form one device to other, the working of this app is awesome you will be able to send large files with minutes.

The main feature of this app is to send files between the people who doesn’t uses cloud storage, the app completely works irrespective of platform, if both the devices have share-it they will communicate through share it.

Download Shareit APK for android

Working: – this app doesn’t uses you normal WIFI or Bluetooth for transferring of File. Share it make a direct wireless connection between the sharing devices that means that devices have to create a hotpot that other device can connect to it, once the connection is established you can send files or receives files using share or receive option.


  • You can send all kinds of files
  • This app provide you a high transfer speed, large amount of files can be transferred form one device to other within minutes.
  • This app supports multiple platforms
  • This app is completely free to use.
  • After you have established a connection, anyone can receive and any one can send the files.


This is a free to download app and doesn’t have any sort of in-app purchases, this app is available in many languages like English, Koran French and many language. In order to use this app you should have minimum of android 3.1.1 and above so that it can be supported in your phone. This current version of this app is 4.5.88ww and at present this app has 25 million users and this app is rated with 8 rating out of 10.

Conclusion :Irrespective of odds this app is very useful that you can share larges files within minutes. This app is one of the best app to have in your device, yet this app require a bit of more polish to reach its highest potential.

Some of the alternative; – Pushbullet, Zapaya, Xender

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