Should You Buy Used Domains? Important Things To Keep In Mind

Should You Buy Used Domains? Important Things To Keep In Mind: How to buy expired domain names for instant search engine rankings and to earn more affiliate commissions with each of them? In this article, we are going to show you step by step, the right way to register expired domain names. So, you reap all the benefits from it. Alright. So, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it and in this article, we are going to show you the right way. We will show you the good stuff.

Should You Buy Used Domains? Important Things To Keep In Mind

So, expired domain names, how do you get them and how do you benefit the most from using them. So what an expired domain name is? It is a pre-existing website that the prior owner let expire for two reasons. One, it’s either didn’t make them any money or two – they either lost interest or simply forgot about the domain name. It happens pretty frequently. So, what we are going to do is we are going to register that expired domain and get the benefit and the previous work that they put in and use it for our blogs or Private blog network or affiliate websites.

So, you can use these basic steps to help boost the rankings of your affiliate websites. And, so essentially what we are doing is we are creating our own little private blog network with this tactic. Now, if you don’t know the private blog network, we will talk more about this – now we are going to focus on getting those valuable pre-existing domain names. So, what you are going to do is head over to Google, you are just going to type in expired domain search now.

From here, you are going to see a list of different websites. There are free as well as paid websites or softwares that are the expired domain listers. is quite a good place to find out expired domain names. If you are watching this, just go here, look for any alternatives type in the Google expired domain search. So, we are going to go for expired domains, net currently again. If this website might disappear, just find an alternative.

So, whatever your topic is, search for domain names, type it at the ends so in this example, with our stop snoring niche. Snoring, this is the art of snore website and what we are going to do is we are going to find an existing domain that has some kind of authority to it. Alright, so here’s one this is You can see that has currently 278 backlinks, registered. That’s a good amount of links. It has a pretty good spread of links from other domain names. Specifically alright. This – is your next cart for Godaddy.

Thus, now you can easily buy it and get the benefit from it. And we want t a little trick that you can do to see what this website was before purchasing it. Just type in the domain name in the Wayback Machine. It will take you to a tool that you that will help you dig in deeper into this website. So, what we are going to do is the type that in and we can get a good idea – what this website was beforehand. If anything at all could just be a parked domain, all right. So, let’s check out 2015, let’s see what that look like. Look at that website, and only proceed if it looks perfect to you.

You can also estimate, what happened on the website in the past. So, you can see that this website existed beforehand. Now, what you are going to do is go back to the And, you are going to register this. So, let’s head over to and see what happens. Enter this domain name in the search bar of Godaddy. If it’s available, what you can do is go and register this domain name, throw up a WordPress installation and recreate the blog as it exists right now. So, by recreating these pre-existing blogs, basically what you can do is post all your content to those blogs and leverage that search engine ranking power that each one of those little mini-blogs has. And, send the linking power to your main affiliate website.

And, your YouTube videos. Alright. So, you are going to create a network of these blogs using the expired domains trick and by doing this, you will build a shortcut. These search engine rankings will matter. So, you can see how that is done. Just so you know there are with this particular one-stop snoring there are pages and pages of expired domains. So, we just picked the first one, we mean there are hundreds of them here. That, we can register and reap the rewards from all. So, we just showed you how to create a mini-blog using an expired domain. What you do is you take the traffic and ranking power and use that to increase the effectiveness of your affiliate website.Should You Buy Used Domains? Important Things To Keep In Mind

So, don’t know how to create an affiliate website, head on over to the Godaddy first. Take domain name from there, then please make sure to purchase and Good hosting. That way, you will be able to launch your website, We recommend you to launch your website using a CMS called – Content Management System. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Should You Buy Used Domains? Important Things To Keep In Mind, still if you are having any issues or questions in mind regarding the topic i.e. Should You Buy Used Domains? Important Things To Keep In Mind, then please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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