What is RSS Feed?

What is RSS Feed? In this article, we are going to show you how to find the RSS feed from your WordPress site and a couple of tips and tricks on what you can do with it and how to find various sub feeds and your website. So, in case you don’t know what an RSS feed is, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. And, it is a way for third party readers or certain third-party software to pull the content from your website without actually going to your website. So, for example, there’s a lot of people who have what’s called an RSS reader. And, they put in a bunch of RSS links in there and then when they open up their reader.

What is RSS Feed?

The software goes out and automatically pulls all the content from all the various websites and then they can view it inside the reader and they don’t have to open it. Internet browser ever. So, they can just do view all your content in the reader and not go to your website. THat’s one of the main uses of an RSS feed. There’s also various integrations you can do with Zapier and RSS feeds. If you have an autoresponder software, you can set it up so that if you post a post on WordPress it then generates an email.

That’s broadcast to your entire list via the RSS feed. There’s a lot of uses for it. But, sometimes, it can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. So, what we do is we open our WordPress page, who go to the home page and quite often if you have permalinks enabled, your feed RSS feed will be at your domainname.com/feed. And, this is the feed for WP-blognxt.com. Which is a demo website? And, this is all the content on there. So, the feed is usually comprised of the title of the post.

The date and an excerpt of the post sometimes. It will be the entire content. Sometimes, would be just an excerpt. Sometimes it will have images and other times, it may not have. There is a lot of ways you can customize this feed. Using plugins, but the default will look something like this. And, in the WordPress codex, which is the WordPress documentation. There is a lot of cool information about feeds and we are on the WordPress Feeds page of the WordPress documentation right now. And, you can find feeds for various types of WordPress feeds. There’s RSS to RSS RDF and atom.

So, if you are going to integrate it with something, and they require a specific feat if they require the atom feed. This would be what you add to your URL to get that atom feed. Then, you can use that link in that software that you are integrating. Now, if you scroll down a little bit further, you can generate feeds based on categories and tags. So, all you have to do is add this to your URL. The Number 42 is a category ID and you can find an ID, if you go back into your WordPress dashboard, hover over posts, click on categories and we have a bunch of categories created here. Click on the one that you want the feed for.

That you want the ID for. Click on the edit link and the number that appears up here it says tag ID votes a category ID. That number right there is the ID for that category. So, now if we do, if we take this piece of code and we try to open that feed in our for our WordPress website. Replace the category with the number 2. Now, it’s going to create the feed for that specific category. We don’t have anything posted in there. But, this is how that feed would look.

It has the correct category name which was business as you can see back in our dashboard. Business in the name of the category and this is how you can create a feed for individual categories on your website. And, do the same with individual tags by just using the tag name. You can create feeds with multiple categories. Just by including a comma between the numbers or multiple tags by including a collar between the tag names, you can even leave out categories, which you can see here.

So this example would show a feed for everything on your website. Except for the category ID – 1 2 3. That’s what that – in front of a denote. So, to show everything except for category 123. You can create a feed for the author. If you have various authors, you may want to create a feed for each one you do with this piece of code. And, the author’s name as this is what you would replace with author’s user name and that will pull up a feed for all that author’s content.What is RSS Feed?

There’s a lot of plugins that you help you customize the RSS feeds and there’s even a brighter thing than this. The only time you want to worry about it is if you are integrated it with some third-party software. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to What is RSS Feed?, still, if you are facing any problems or questions regarding the topic i.e. What is RSS Feed? please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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