What is the maximum number of WordPress Plugins You can Use

What is the maximum number of WordPress Plugins You Can Use: A very simple answer to this is NO LIMIT. It true. There is no limit on how many WordPress plugins you can use on your website. But take my words, when it comes to WordPress plugins, your approach should be – LESSER THE BETTER. In this article, we are going to tell you, what problems you can face when willing to install hundreds of WordPress plugins on your WordPress website. And, we will also take you through the scientific logic behind why lesser is better for WordPress plugins. And last, but not the least, we are going to show you how you can increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress.

What is the maximum number of WordPress Plugins You can Use

Here you can see on our screen, if we come here, click Add New, then you can see here maximum upload file size is 8 MB. It simply means that we can only upload files to our WordPress website upto 8 MB. And, if we upload files larger than this mentioned size. Then, we are going to get an error. So, how we can fix that and how we can increase this value? So that, we can upload larger files onto our WordPress website. We are going to cover all this in the section.

There are a total of 3 methods to do this. First one is going to be the most effective and this is the method which always works for us. And, we can say that this is going to work for a maximum number of users. So, let’s start this tutorial. So, what you have to do – you have to get inside the cPanel of your website. And, for that, you have to type the address of your website/cpanel. Type this, press Enter Key here. Then you will have to type username and password which is going to be provided by your web hosting provider. Then, press login and you will see something like this. So, you have to find out the file manager.

You can type our file manager as you can scroll down and find this option – File manager. Click on this after getting inside the file manager. You have to get inside public HTML after getting into public HTML, you have to find out where you have installed WordPress and we have installed directly inside public HTML. So, we are getting all these files here. You will have to find out WP Admin. Get inside this folder by double-clicking on it. And, now click on how to scroll down and you how to find out a file PHP.II. So, here you can see we do not have such file here inside this folder. So, we have to create a new one.

So, click here to create a new file. And, name this PHP.ini like this. Then, click on Create New File. And, it will create this file here. And, if we refresh this, they load this. If we scroll down PHP.ini, so you have to find this. Then, you have to click on edit and it then you have to paste this value inside this file. You can paste only this one or also you can copy and paste here like this. They have acquainted the cause. These are the two lines and this one especially is important.

And, this will get your waveform. Another memory-related error. So, make sure you are mentioning this as you can also remove this. And, leave it like this. Then, click on Save changes and let’s see what will happen here. It was 8 MB, and now it has been increased to 64 MB. It simply means that I can upload files upto 64 MB. And, if you want to make these values much larger. Then, you can simply type in here – 128 instead of 64. That all depends on your choice. One more thing we want to mention here, when you are to change these values, this one, then you have to make sure about this thing, that is this value.

And, this value should be the same or this should be larger than this one. Post maximum size value should be larger than or equal to upload maximum file size. So, it’s 128 MB. We are not going to leave this. We are also going to change this one term to a time. And it’s already larger and if you want to change this. Then, you can also change this value. Then click on Save and then let’s see. It’s changed to 120 MB. So, this is the method which is going to work for almost everyone. But, for the sake of this tutorial, we are going to delete this file. So, it’s already selected, clicking on delete because sometimes, this doesn’t work for several users you can say and they need to find out another way to tackle this issue.

Now, after refreshing, you will come to know that it’s going to be 8 MB at all. Coming back here, on to our WordPress Administrative Dashboard Panel. Now the second method we will discuss in the next guide. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to What is the maximum number of WordPress Plugins You can Use, still if you are facing any questions or problem regarding the topic that is What is the maximum number of WordPress Plugins You can Use, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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